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Individual Therapy

One - on - One Sessions

There are many reasons you may be seeking therapy. Anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, heartbreak (or anything and everything in between). My goal is to help build your resilience for positive emotions while also accepting the flow of difficult ones. I offer counseling for tweens, teens,and adults. As an intern, I had extensive experience working with 

middle school students suffering from 

severe trauma. Later, my work began to incorporate older teens, adults, and senior clients. Each stage of life offers unique challenges, obstacles and insecurities. Therapy with a 12 year old will look much different than the work I do with someone who is 40 - but often the base feelings are the same. I enjoy having a culturally diverse multigenerational 

clientele. No matter your age or background, the human condition can be intense at times. 

   I Provide Individual Therapy for...

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Heartbreak

  • Relationship Issues

  • ADHD

  • Love Addiction

  • Toxic Shame

  • Self Esteem & Self Improvement

  • Grief 

  • Pet Grief / Pet Loss

  • Navigating Career Struggles

  • Life Changes / Life Transitions

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Addiction 

  • Recovery for Adult Children of Narcissistic, Borderline, Bipolar & Mentally Ill parents 

  • Creatives (Actors, Writers, Artists, Musicians) 

  • Entertainment Industry Resilience & Challenges

  • Co-Dependence & Boundary Setting

  • Perfectionism

  • Tweens & Teens 

  • Motivational help

And More! Please Ask! 


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